Approval of sports betting bill for Canada to get another shot

In Canada, sports betting is restricted to provincial lottery corporations. But even they are constrained to offer parlay wagers.
Three years ago, a sports betting bill (C-290 sports betting bill) was passed and approved by Canada’s House of Commons. However, it got stuck there for three years and just this summer, it was dropped in the federal election. (Know about the bill here:
Those in the Senate opposing the C-290 said the bill hasn’t been properly scrutinized and was rushed through the House of Commons.
But the bill will get a revival as former Democratic Party legislator Joe Comartin has reintroduced it. A bill similar to it will also be introduced by Brian Masse, an NDP legislator.
The C-290 bill would give provinces the power to decide whether to allow single game sports betting in their area or not.

Although it still remains to be seen if this …