BC Lottery Corp might build another casino near downtown Victoria

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British Columbia Lottery Corporation is mulling a second casino to be built near downtown Victoria—one that’s considerably closer to it than the existing one in View Royal.

The idea has been analyzed by a third-party consultant which specializes in the casino industry. Population, traffic patterns, tourism and player data of the area have all been examined. And what they found is that there is an opportunity for a second casino facility.

But West Shore politicians disagreed.

They are worried the area is not big enough to support two casinos. Even View Royal Mayor, David Screech, expressed hesitation:

“We question whether the amount of revenue that they feel (BCLC) is missing is, in fact, in this marketplace and whether or not by opening a second facility what you’re going to do is create two mediocre facilities.”

He also added that Great Canadian Casinos holds a permit for a $20 million expansion—one …

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