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Police raided twelve illegal casinos in Toronto

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Police raided twelve illegal casinos in Toronto

It has been a busy few weeks for Toronto police—they have raided nine illegal gaming houses and three other casinos operating illegally were shut down.

They are also investigating and tracking down casinos in over 30 locations in the city some of which were mobile casinos. However, the latter is hard to find because operations of mobile casinos are moved frequently so they could escape being raided by the police.

More than 30 people have been arrested. So many gambling equipment were seized that it can fill two rooms.

Some of the items seized during the raid include gambling machines and mahjong and baccarat tables. Heroin and other illegal drugs were also found.

Andrew Ecklund, Staff Sargeant for the Toronto Police (Know the people and purpose of the Toronto Police force at: said these illegal casinos are at large and it’s not doing the society any good. That’s because where the illegal casino operations are, there is also violence.

“We’ve had a double shooting location at Passmore and Kennedy. We’ve had robbery at 141 Montezuma. We’ve had people that have been assaulted, beaten and robbed out front of these locations,” Ecklund said.

The rise of crime in these areas threatens public safety, police fear. And the people who gamble in these kinds of venues also endanger themselves.

Ecklund said they are getting robbed. “There is a criminal element going to these locations extorting people running these and robbing people inside, so it’s very dangerous for anybody who’s attending any of these locations.”

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