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How will Canada’s new Liberal government affect the gaming industry?

The Liberal Party of Canada has won in a stunning victory over the Conservative government and now, they will be taking 184 seats with Justin Trudeau in the lead.

But what does this mean for the country’s gambling industry?

The National Liberal Party doesn’t seem to have any position yet about gambling expansion or laws in Canada, but based on the Liberals in individual provinces, it seems the gambling industry is in for a period of growth and progress.

Let’s take a look at Ontario for instance. Dalton McGuinty, Head of Ontario’s Liberal party, might not find opening more casinos in Ontario appealing as he once admitted, but since the province already has an existing gambling business, he and his party believe they might as well use it to make Ontario benefit from it.

In fact, his party’s support to gambling extends to online gambling market expansion which include offering …

Approval of sports betting bill for Canada to get another shot

In Canada, sports betting is restricted to provincial lottery corporations. But even they are constrained to offer parlay wagers.
Three years ago, a sports betting bill (C-290 sports betting bill) was passed and approved by Canada’s House of Commons. However, it got stuck there for three years and just this summer, it was dropped in the federal election. (Know about the bill here:
Those in the Senate opposing the C-290 said the bill hasn’t been properly scrutinized and was rushed through the House of Commons.
But the bill will get a revival as former Democratic Party legislator Joe Comartin has reintroduced it. A bill similar to it will also be introduced by Brian Masse, an NDP legislator.
The C-290 bill would give provinces the power to decide whether to allow single game sports betting in their area or not.

Although it still remains to be seen if this …

Whoopi Goldberg’s tour bus catches fire, cuts show short

Comedian Whoopi Goldberg was at Casino New Brunswick in Moncton, Canada last Saturday to perform for her fans. But she was forced to cut her show short.

That’s because her tour bus, which was parked just at the back of the venue, suddenly caught fire and burst into flames (Watch the footage at:

According to witnesses, the 59-year-old comedian was almost at the end of her performance when the audience started to smell smoke. That’s when the audience were told to evacuate the area.

And this they did.  The crowd calmly filed out of the casino so there were no casualties and no injuries were reported. Staff of the casino and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) confirmed that the fire did occur.  However, they did not immediately provide further details.

The cause of the blaze is still unknown as of this writing, but there were unconfirmed reports …

Casino Regina donated new violins to school

Life without music is dull, silent and gloomy.

Regina Symphony Orchestra (RSO) knows this and so, they created a program called “Strings for Change” which aims to bring music education to different schools. It was formed in 2013 and has since reach out to 7,000 students each year.

To support this cause, Casino Regina announced they would be donating $40,000 worth of violin to the program which will then be distributed to Arcola School in Regina. They presented the violins to Grade two students of the school last Tuesday.

The students go to weekly sessions with RSO violinist (Get to know about the group at: They focus on studying rhythm, music history and violin lessons. By the time the students turn Grade 2, they already had been playing violin for one year.

Nancy Heppner, Minister Responsible for SaskGaming, said:

“This donation will help the RSO continue to inspire …

Police raided twelve illegal casinos in Toronto

It has been a busy few weeks for Toronto police—they have raided nine illegal gaming houses and three other casinos operating illegally were shut down.

They are also investigating and tracking down casinos in over 30 locations in the city some of which were mobile casinos. However, the latter is hard to find because operations of mobile casinos are moved frequently so they could escape being raided by the police.

More than 30 people have been arrested. So many gambling equipment were seized that it can fill two rooms.

Some of the items seized during the raid include gambling machines and mahjong and baccarat tables. Heroin and other illegal drugs were also found.

Andrew Ecklund, Staff Sargeant for the Toronto Police (Know the people and purpose of the Toronto Police force at: said these illegal casinos are at large and it’s not doing the society any good. That’s …

Tentative deal reached between OLG and casino workers

Unionized workers in dispute with the Brantford Casino, Toronto’s Woodbine Racetrack, and Sudbury Downs who have been locked out for three weeks now have finally reached a tentative agreement.

Neither the workers nor the three OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation)-run companies can reveal what the terms of the new contract are as of yet, but both are hopeful the end of the dispute will come to an end very soon.

The dispute started when Unifor, the name of the union of casino employees, said they will no longer be eligible for the pension plan they currently have once the modernization plan of OLG has been completed.

Bob Orr, spokesperson for the one thousand worker members in the union, said they are determined to protect their retirement security.

The companies and the workers began negotiating about the terms of the new pension plan but the talk between the two broke …

BC Lottery Corp might build another casino near downtown Victoria

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British Columbia Lottery Corporation is mulling a second casino to be built near downtown Victoria—one that’s considerably closer to it than the existing one in View Royal.

The idea has been analyzed by a third-party consultant which specializes in the casino industry. Population, traffic patterns, tourism and player data of the area have all been examined. And what they found is that there is an opportunity for a second casino facility.

But West Shore politicians disagreed.

They are worried the area is not big enough to support two casinos. Even View Royal Mayor, David Screech, expressed hesitation:

“We question whether the amount of revenue that they feel (BCLC) is missing is, in fact, in this marketplace and whether or not by opening a second facility what you’re going to do is create two mediocre facilities.”

He also added that Great Canadian Casinos holds a permit for a $20 million expansion—one …

Newly appointed CEO for Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino a Canadian

A new CEO for Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas has been appointed.

Jim Simms, who has almost two decades of experience in the hospitality and gaming industry, is a native of Toronto, Canada.

He said he wanted Canadians to enjoy gambling abroad and make it more cost-effective for them.

To make this into a reality, Downtown Grand offers Canadian visitors who are staying at the hotel the chance to let them buy up to USD$500 per day in slots with their Canadian money at par.

Considering the current exchange rate, CDN$500 is worth about USD$375 (Check current exchange rate at: That means players will get $125 free play. This promo will last until the end of 2015.

“Canada is the number one international market for visitation to Las Vegas, so we are pleased to announce that we will be accepting Canadian money at par for …

Problem gamblers can’t claim prizes at Regina and Moose Jaw casinos

Are you a problem gambler? Have you admitted it by signing a self-execution order voluntarily? Have you been handed a ban?

If your answer is yes, then don’t play at Regina and Moose Jaw Casinos. Beginning October 1, they would be fully implementing a new policy which would prohibit problem gamblers from claiming their winnings.


This new policy is called “disentitlement policy” (Learn more about this policy at: and it authorizes SaskGaming to withhold cash, prizes and credits from gamblers who have sign the self-execution order or have been handed a ban by the casino.

What is the reason behind such a policy?

According to the Director of Gambling Awareness Program-Canadian Mental Health Association, Shauna Altrogge, the chance to win money is a great motivator for problem gamblers. With such a policy in place where they won’t be able to keep their winnings anyway, they would be discouraged …

Brantford Casino lockout on its second week

lockoutUnionized workers at Brantford Casino in Canada have been off the job since September 18. That’s when talks between the workers and the casino broke down.

The issue between the two concerns the fate of the workers’ pension plan if and when the casino is sold to private interests. Currently, the workers are included in the Public Sector Pension Plan. However, once the casino is sold, they will no longer be eligible to join the said plan. The workers want a plan similar to the one they currently have.

But things don’t seem to be moving forward as everyone had hoped.

The lockout is now on its second week with no clear end in sight. But the workers remain hopeful.

“We remain willing and able to return to the bargaining table at any time,” President of Unifor Local 504 (Know the group in detail:, Dave Reston, said. He …